celebrate asia

Asia is the most densely populated, culturally diverse and creatively enriched continent in the world, fuelled by an insatiable demand from Millennial consumers. The phenomenal growth of highly engaging digital content across major platforms sets the stage for its most talented Asian creators to be connected, recognised, and celebrated.

the most glamorous night in the asian digital entertainment industry

Returning after 2016's inaugural edition in Seoul, more than 28 prestigious awards will be presented by respected industry leaders and icons to winners from 10 Asian countries. This is in honour of their amazing achievements in the arena of digital creative content over the past year.

To be held in the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh, the awards show is also an occasion to showcase special performances from Asia’s most popular singers, musicians, dance ensembles and comedians, all under one roof.

who is coming?

This is an invitation-only formal black-tie affair that will be graced by top-tier figures in the world of media and entertainment: celebrities, producers, corporate captains, government leaders and media representatives from across Asia.